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Content Creation
Building enabling technologies & media products/productions that people can nourish.
Providing best-available-quality education for all people in the communities. Making communities reach future-fit education in a effective way to transform. Closing existing skill gaps between ethnic, age and gender groups due to extreme inaccessibility
Niche Networks
Establishing high-value niche networks for people to be well-connected. Developing digital products for more enhanced and look-alike natural social interaction with exclusivity and vertical groups.
Enhancing physical and mental wellbeing and healthcare in an affordable way
Implementing enabling technologies to give equal opportunity to people and to positively impact unemployment rates.
Transforming agriculture for good, in order to make technology accessible to every farmer easily and in a cheap way
Using AI for good strategies by aggregating many and various data points that important predictions can be protective and contributive for the people within data networks
Applying augmented reality, mixed reality and VR for good applications and revolutionize workforces.
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